Taxes are due and payable either by Mail, to the Village of Rochester, or in person at the Rochester Village Hall, 300 W. Spring Street, during posted office hours, or online payments may be made by credit card or electronic check. All payments made by mail must be postmarked by January 31, of the current tax year, or they will be considered delinquent and turned over to Racine County.

The aforementioned tax payments are for payment in full or payment of the first half of the tax bill.

Note: All second half tax payments are made directly to Racine County.

Receipt may be obtained by picking one up at the village hall during office hours, or by enclosing a stamped-self addressed envelope with mailed payments.  You may also request a receipt via email and we will send your receipt electronically.

In order for payments to be receipted by December 31, in any year, they must be postmarked by the December 31st, of that year.

Lottery Tax Credit

You are entitled to a lottery credit on your property taxes if, as of January 1st of the year of the tax bill, you were the owner of the property and it was used as your primary residence. Even if the lottery credit has been on your bill in the past, please check annually to make sure it is listed.  Only you know if you are entitled to the credit.

The Lottery & Gambling Credit can be administered through the State of Wisconsin, the County Treasurer and/or the Village Treasurer depending on what time of the year you claim it.

Before tax bills are printed, you can direct a claim form to the County Treasurer.  This will ensure the credit is reflected on your bill.

After tax bills are printed and before the first installment is due, you can submit a claim form to the local municipal treasurer.  The credit can then be given during tax collection.

Note: Rental properties are not eligible for credits.

Online Tax Payments