Finance Committee

Purpose and Function of Committee:

This Committee assists the Village Treasurer in his or her responsibility for the Management of Village Funds and assets, including investment and disbursement in the best interest of the Village, including, but not limited to:

  • Review and recommendation to the Board of payments of invoices presented to the Village.
  • Formulation and recommendation of the Village Budget to the Board.
  • Semi-Annual review of performance as compared to budget forecast, with report of findings to the Board.

Committee Member

Leslie Kinsey

Phone: (262) 514-3984
Email: [email protected]


Leslie Kinsey 2

Committee Member

Chris Johnson

Phone: (262) 534-2008
Email: [email protected]


Committee Member

Doug Webb

Phone: (262) 534-4537
Email: [email protected]

Doug Webb 2021

Committee Member

Edward Chart

Phone: (262) 534-5425
Email: [email protected]

4768_Ed Chart Village President