Public Works Committee

Purpose and Function of Committee:

This Committee shall investigate, consider, report on, and recommend action on matters pertaining to the following functions:

(1.) Installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement of culverts, sidewalks, storm and sanitary sewers, roads and streets, and trimming of trees in right of ways.

(2.) Investigation of all potential problems concerning roads, streets, and sewers located within the village limits and report on or recommend to the Village Board thereon, and further, to carry out directives of the Board thereon.

(3.) Maintenance of Village Parks.

(4.) Maintenance and improvement of the conditions of waterways flowing through the Village.

(5.) Representation of the Village in matters concerning the quality of the waterways located within the Village limits.

(6.) Planting of trees and plants located on public property within the Village limits.

(7.) A designated member of this committee will attend all meetings of the Western Racine County Metropolitan Sewer District and report to the Village Board thereon. This member shall act as a representative of the Village at such meetings.

(8.) Maintenance of public areas within the Village limits, such as, Right of Way.

(9.) Act upon all other matters as directed by the Village Board.


Chris Johnson

34228 Academy Rd Burlington WI 53105

Phone: (262) 534-2008
Email: [email protected]


Public Works Manager

Chris Birkett

Phone: (262) 332-1017
Email: [email protected]


Committee Member

Edward Chart

Phone: (262) 534-5425
Email: [email protected]

4768_Ed Chart Village President

Committee Member

Doug Webb

35110 Wisconsin St
Burlington, WI  53105

Phone: (262) 534-4537
Email: [email protected]

Doug Webb

Committee Member

Gary Beck, Jr.

2527 Beck Drive Waterford, WI 53185

Phone: (262) 534-3370


Committee Member

Vince Klemko

2500 Beck Drive Waterford, WI 53185

Phone: (262) 534-3553


Committee Member

Nick Ahlers

Phone: (262) 534-9578
Email: [email protected]

Nick Ahlers