Sewer Utility

For residents receiving sewer service, bills are issued quarterly, and payments are due on 1/20, 4/20, 7/20, and 10/20. Paper bills will be mailed to you unless you are signed up to receive e-bills.

To view and/or pay your sewer utility bill online, click the link below:

View/Pay eBills

You can also enroll in AutoPay to have payments automatically withdrawn from your checking or savings account on the bill due date. To enroll, send your completed and signed authorization form to the attention of:

Erin Dix, Deputy Clerk-Treasurer
Village of Rochester
P.O. Box 65
Rochester, WI  53167
[email protected]

You will continue to receive notice of your quarterly bill. "Direct Payment of $(Amount Due)" will print on the bottom portion of your bill along with the date the payment will be withdrawn from the checking or savings account (the due date). There are no additional fees or charges associated with this service. Please note that autopay will not become active until the next billing cycle after you've enrolled.