Signage Design Survey

In July 2023, the Village Board approved a project to develop identity and wayfinding signage throughout the Village, including a redesign of the Village’s 24-year-old logo, and they awarded the work to KMA Design. The signage will direct residents and visitors to municipal facilities, Rochester’s historic downtown, and parks and recreational areas. The project will also help to build a cohesive visual identity for our community.

Residents might remember that we did a survey to select the new Village logo in November. As a result of community feedback, the Village Board selected an option featuring a stalk of wheat as our new logo:

In phase 2 of the signage design project, KMA Design has presented us with several options for signage design. So it’s time for another survey!

If you’d like to weigh in, please review the options and complete the survey linked on our website here:

The final decision will be made by the Village Board, but it will be informed by community input. We appreciate your help!